Tamborine Mountain Rovers

Rover Scouts is for males and females aged 18 until their 26th Birthday who love socialising, challenging themselves, and seizing once-in-a-lifetime opportunities!

Life after school can be isolating for most young adults, but not for Rover Scouts! Rover Scouts are a group of mates who believe in experiencing life to its fullest and seizing opportunities.

Joining a Rover Scout Crew could be one of the most important decisions in your life. It offers opportunities to make new friends, have fun, experience once-in-a-life-time adventures, and have unforgettable social experiences while you work with your fellow Rover Scouts to develop your leadership and organisational skills. Rover Scouts personalise their programs to suit their members and each Crew are fully independent and responsible for managing their own groups, projects and campsites. As a Rover Scout, be prepared to expect the unexpected.

Rover Scouts must have reached their eighteenth birthday and cannot stay in the Crew after their twenty-sixth birthday.

Tamborine Mountain Scout Group is proud to announce the formation of its own Rover Crew!
As part of Gold Coast Region's three 'virtual' Rover Crews, members of our Crew attend meeting nights with either the Hinterland Crew (western side of the Mountain), Five Rivers Crew (northern coast) or South Beaches Crew (southern coast).

New Members are requested to email our Leader in Charge prior to attending a meeting night:

Tamborine Mountain Scout Group

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