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Tamborine Mountain Joey Scouts

Joey Scouts is your first section in Scouts. It’s for boys and girls aged 5 to 8 years and it’s all about fun! Life as a Joey Scout is full of discovery and excitement!

As a Joey Scout you’ll be part of a Mob which is full of energetic kids just like you. You’ll have a trained Joey Scout Leader who will look after you and plan fantastic activities for you and your Mob.

As a Joey Scout you’ll learn how to share and care while having fun with your friends.

Joey Scouts normally progress to the Cub Scout Section at around 8 years of age.
The linking process would start around seven years and six months, depending on their individual readiness socially and intellectually.
Extensions beyond age range may be granted in accordance with Queensland Branch Scouting Instructions (QBSI) Section 2.1.10.
Further information is available from our Leader in Charge.

UPDATE: 06 April 2020 - Our Joey Scout Mob re-commencement is currently on hold due to COVID-19.
We now have a full waiting list for potential youth members!
This Section will require more Leaders, Adult Helpers or Youth Program Supporters,
to maintain the required ratio of one adult to five youth members during Den activities.
Further details including meeting location and timings will be provided once confirmed.

Please email our Leader in Charge for further information:

Tamborine Mountain Scout Group

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